Around the world groups are using Intralinks to secure their information, share files and accelerate human rights across boundaries.

From Lawyers Without Borders, who uses Intralinks to securely collaborate across international borders, to Three Rivers Legal Services, who uses Intralinks to give the homeless a virtual address right here in the United States, companies have found a secure, trustworthy solution to share their most confidential files in their pursuit of helping others.

We’re proud to call these organizations our customers, and we look forward to helping more groups in the coming years. Learn more about each:

Lawyers Without Borders

Lawyers Without Borders is a network of dedicated lawyers working in places where words can condemn. On a pro bono basis they help give voice to those silenced by oppression and injustice.

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Young New Yorkers

Young New Yorkers leverages a community of volunteers, from its advisory board and contributing artists to art auction committee members and program ambassadors. This dedicated group must collaborate with one another as well as with members of the local criminal justice ecosystem.

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Three Rivers Legal Services

Three Rivers Legal Services, Inc. (TRLS) realized that the homeless population needed a reliable, secure and easy way to access important documents. TRLS is a non-profit law firm dedicated to the provision of quality legal assistance to the poor, abused, disabled and neglected, and to empowerment through preventive legal education.

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Fundación Pro Bono Chile

The Pro Bono Foundation is a non-profit Chilean organization that offers, facilitates and organizes pro bono opportunities, among legal professionals. Members of this Foundation provide free legal services to individuals, sectors and groups in vulnerable situations, as well as to micro-entrepreneurs and social organizations.

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LawWorks + BPP University

LawWorks is a charity working in England and Wales to connect volunteer lawyers with people in need of legal advice but who are not eligible for legal aid and cannot afford to pay. Within this network, BPP University Law School  runs several clinics where volunteer students provide pro bono advice under the supervision of qualified academic staff and volunteer solicitors from fifteen of the largest law firms in the UK.

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VOICE Charter School

Educating children takes significant coordination especially in the primary grades. There are so many fundamentals in language, mathematics, science and the arts that shape young lives. VOICE Charter School in Long Island City, New York has mastered an innovative approach to combining these fundamentals in a complete, well-rounded education for grades K-8.

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